Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pakistan 2013 Elections and Beyond

Electoral Pole for any society is the biggest player for deciding the future of Country . Every Civilized Nation have Electoral Poling system through which They select their Leaders. Pakistan has a history regarding this matter . The first direct elections held in the country after independence were for the provincial Assembly of the between 10-20 March 1951. The elections were held for 197 seats. As many as 939 candidates contested the election for 189 seats, while the remaining seats were filled unopposed. Seven political parties were in the race. The election was held on an adult franchise with approximately one-million voters. The turnout remained low.In Lahore the turnout was 30 per cent of the listed voters and in rural areas of Punjab it was much lower.On 8 December 1951 the NWFP held elections for Provincial legislature seats. In a pattern that would be repeated throughout Pakistan's electoral history, many of those who lost accused the winners of cheating and rigging the elections. Similarly, in May, 1953 elections to the Provincial legislature of Sindh were held and they were also marred by accusations of rigging. In April 1954, elections were held for the East Pakistan Legislative Assembly , in which the Pakistan Muslim league , and Bengali won.
Now when we look at the current scenario Pakistan People Party is in power they won the 2008 Election which was held under General Perveiz Musharaf , If we look at that Election the important role was played by the Death of PPP leader Mutarma Benazir Bhutto , She was murdered in day light on 27 December 2007 by some unknown people . Who are those people who Killed her is still a mystery well thats a whole lot of discussion. Now Coming to the point Pakistan Peoples Party Majorty was in Sindh if we look at the Seats position PPP majorely won in lower Parts of Punjab and Singh. Thriugh we can by following figure "RED" are different Constituencies PPP win.
Now coming to the current Situation i already right a blog about 4 months ago , but still condition are same worse law and order conditions are going worse , Poverity , Terrirsm name any thing which make humens suffer is in Pakistan. we are going through our worse phase . The Point arises whats going to happen in 2013 Elections??? Honestly no one predict the rightly about 2013 election because our survey system is not upto the mark which tell which party standing at what poistion . Different Independent survey conduct every year in Pakistan but considering them authentic is a big question Mark. Right now if u ask general Public about the current Political system they are totally unhappy with it , what them unhappy is our impotent leadership. I am using the harsh word here because this leadership make me do that . They have lost respect and their position . Being a normal citizen of Pakistan if u ask me what you gonna with current leadership i will say banish them from this land with their families , they are sucking our blood for past 67 years . Don't let them to come Pakistan again. Now the only hope we have left with is Imran Khan . I hope in 2013 election people vote for him and make them the Prime Minister otherwise there going to be lot of Trouble for Pakistan.


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