Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramdan kareem and Muslims.

It's 3 AM in the morning and I just had my sehri now I am waiting for the azan to start my 2nd fast in mean while I am thinking that what is Roza for Muslim now a days?  Do we really know the actual spirit of the fasting? Or its just another formality we Muslim do to pretend we are Muslim. Yes it's controversial statement and may be I get lots of hate because of this statement but there is reason behind it not only one but 100 of reasons behind that statement. I will continue this article on my next blog right now it's prayer time. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Twitter Experience

So yeah I have been on twitter for like 8 months now and all these 8 months it was learning experience for me. Twitter is the place where you mostly talk to your self and pretend that world hear your problem. The best thing about Twitter is its less populated and there are less Facebook wali awam present there so you won't see those usual crappy stuff which you used to see on Facebook. The bad thing is its so huge it's kinda difficult to find the person of your liking, it's like catching a particular fish in a sea,  I hope that come out right and I wana use the L0L here but now I am realising it's a blog I am writing.

Now let's talk about the most annoying people you follow on twitter, for me they are basically divided into many groups.  Yeah the first one are =24 by 7= these people don't have any thing else to do they just tweet all day long. They are like "aey dekho I am going to washroom" and tweet about what they eat. 2nd group are basically I would call "chapamaar"  group they just copy paste stuff from different sites and Facebook and tweet it all day,  they usually have nothing good to say and expressed themselves through copy pasting although some time they do past some good stuff which I usually retweet. Ok the most annoying kind of people on twitter are self proclaimed hasennaye all they do take selfies all day use like million of filters and upload it as a avi on twitter and twitter male maklook just follow them like "maki jasy gur k peachy parh jaty ha"  these chics are usually dumb and post the most annoying stuff which you usually don't understand on twitter,  but any how they are beautiful so as a "boyses"  it's our duty to follow them and if possible offering them our hand in friendship and finally those TRUE good hearted people on twitter which you love to talk to it doesn't matter which group they belong to. Well this is my view about Twitter so far.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Smart Phones in Pakistan Analysed

With the increase of international use of Smartphones looks like Pakistan is also catching up the trend, but when it comes to Pakistan the question will come can we afford it ?? The answer can b yes "I can" and then there is "no I am ok with feature Phone and I don't know what these smart phone do any ways I am here to make Phone calls and some text here and there". Well this is the average thinking of normal Pakistani people. Lets discuss these two groups of people separately, first and foremost all those people who knows what smart phones and how to use them. These people can also be divided into two further categories, first all those tech savvy guys who want best of the world. They usually go for high end smart phones with higher specifications of some renowned brands like Apple or Samsung and well honestly they can also afford it. Now here come the average smart phone user who have idea what smart phones are and they don't usually for higher specs or brands , they are usually budget conscious people and choose those smart phones who fits into their budgets. These people don't care about brands or companies names what in their mind is price, and well talking about price if look something like three back for average Pakistan people it was impossible to owned a good smart phone but then there come android an open source platform which make things lot more cheap and easy ( thanks to Chinese ). Right now we have choice we can higher end smart phones with higher spec and big company to lower end smart phones of some Chinese company, Its always about choice. Now lets discuss 2nd group of people who are not interested in smart phones or android whatsoever. These people are usually uneducated or really fond of technology or can't afford it. Mobile phone for them is like a simple thing make calls, receive calls, and send text messages. With more passage of time these people will make into the smart phones and but its take some times. At the end Its up to the user to choose which phones he needed. And what category he belongs to. If your going to switch from feature phone to smart phone first of think what is the purpose you need smart phone, if your just going to buy it to receive and make calls then your better with feature phones.

Mobilink Customers: Purchase Apps from Google Play with Mobile Credit

Mobilink has just announced something that most of us have been waiting for something like this to launch/start in Pakistan. Mobilink customers with Android phones will be able to download and purchase apps in the Google Play Store using their mobile credit.
Not every Android user in Pakistan uses a credit card, which results in very low purchases from Pakistan in the Google Play Store. Mobilink and its parent company, VimpelCom Ltd, announced today about their agreement to deliver a new, enhanced digital entertainment experience for VimpelCom customers across its markets.
Not much details, but we do know this payment system for the Google Play Store users in Pakistan will be rolled out around later this year. See below for the full press-release by Mobilink.

VimpelCom customers will use their mobile accounts to easily find, try and buy Google Play content

Amsterdam (July 5, 2012) – Mobilink has announced today that its parent company,“VimpelCom Ltd” (“VimpelCom”,”Company” or “Group”) (NYSE: VIP), a leading global provider of telecommunications services,and Google, a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information, today announce an agreement to deliver a new, enhanced digital entertainment experience for VimpelCom customers across its markets.
VimpelCom customers will be able to use their mobile accounts to easily find, try and buy Google Play content. The cost of any purchased app can now be simply deducted from a customer’s prepaid credit or just added to their monthly bill.
The Google Play storebrings together Google digital goods including apps, games, Google Books, Google Music and Google Movies into a single unified offering. Users can access their entire library of music, videos, books, apps, and games in one place, all of which are also stored online, without the need to synchronize devices.
A dedicated “VimpelCom Channel” will make it easy for VimpelCom customers to navigate their way among the 600,000 apps available in the Google Play store. Available via the local Google Play store, the VimpelCom channel will feature dozens of apps, tailored to offer local content and services. The “VimpelCom Channel” and mobile account payments for the Google Play store will be rolled out in VimpelCom’s operations across the globe, starting later on this year.
Mikhail Gerchuk, VimpelCom’s Group Chief Commercial Officer, said: “the collaboration with Google will provide our customers around the world with a convenient way to access and pay for millions of apps, games and songs, significantly enhancing the smartphone experience in countries where banking and credit card services are not widely used.
In most of our markets, we will be the first operator to launch mobile account payments for Google Play store and with the “VimpelCom Channel” we will bring tailored content to millions of our customers around the globe using Android smartphones” he said.
This latest agreement is part of VimpelCom’s consistent strategy of providing its customers with the best mobile internet experience, complementing its recently announced partnership with Opera Software to deliver better mobile web browsing for customers using a low-cost mobile phone.
This press release contains “forward-looking statements”, as the phrase is defined in Section 27A of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Exchange Act. These statements relate to the timing of the Company’s rollout of the “App Channel” and mobile payments for the Google Play store. These and other forward-looking statements are based on management’s best assessment of the Company’s position and of future market conditions and trends. These discussions involve risks and uncertainties. The actual outcome may differ materially from these statements as a result of continued volatility in the economies in our markets, unforeseen developments from competition, governmental regulation of the telecommunications industries, general political uncertainties in our markets and/or litigation with third parties. There can be no assurance that such risks and uncertainties will not have a material adverse effect on the Company. Certain factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those discussed in any forward-looking statements include the risk factors described in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2011 and other public filings made by the Company with the SEC, which risk factors are incorporated herein by reference. The Company disclaims any obligation to update developments of these risk factors or to announce publicly any revision to any of the forward-looking statements contained in this release, or to make corrections to reflect future events or developments.
 source :

Turkish hackers deface Google Pakistan's webpage

Early Saturday morning, attempts to access search engine Google led to a page which appeared and behaved in a manner quite unlike the familiar logo and search bar one is used to. Google had been hacked and defaced.
The defaced webpage appeared only on the Pakistan sub-site for the search engine, Those who access Google from within Pakistan are usually redirected to this portal. Though soon, the redirect stopped working and one was taken to the international page for search queries.
Hackers swapped the Google logo and a search bar with an image of two penguins walking on a bridge. A message in Turkish read (translated through Google translate):
“Eboz of a friend always there for me My homies have not shot by me with every breath”
It further added the line “Downed Pakistan” to confirm the webpage had been taken down.
At the bottom of the page, the hackers added a big question mark followed by the tag line that when translated read:
“Hello friends who are still alive, not dead!”

Source: Express Tribune  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Angry birds review: A game for all ages

Angry birds have completely revolutionized the gaming industry and now, it is as popular as the Mario Brothers in their heyday. It has been launched in full version for the Android systems. The angry birds can be downloaded for no cost at Getjar, which is a third party application store and is switching over to Android.
If you are an addict of angry birds, it’s because it’s a clever game designed by the developers. The reason is unknown. It attracts every age group. The characters are cute and the aims and objectives are simple while the design is elegant.
Drifting away
Previously, multiplayer games such as War Craft and Counter Strike were tremendously popular. These games can also be played online and via LAN connection. But, these games are unreal and fill a void in social interactions. You become an outsider and another silent gamer in the internet gaming arena.
Tetris and Bejeweled are some other games which are puzzlers. Tetris stimulated the brain and was surefire an addictive game in its own right. The sense of unfinished business compels the gamer to go on and on. The most important part is automation by which, you repeat the same actions again and again.
Zynga is surely reaping the benefits of Farmville. Along with that, Cityville is another game which has a huge online community.  Farmville has its own rewarding system and MMO and is a bit similar to Tetris.
Where were we?
The angry birds are therefore another game, which has joined the ranks of prestigious games. It doesn’t need repeated actions and same robotic maneuvering. But, it needs calculation and planning. There are no freaking rewards apart from unlocking new levels and abilities. There is nothing social about it.
So, all in all, angry birds is an addictive and rock solid at best but developed for all ages.
But how big did it become?
Angry Birds revisited
The name of the company is Rovio, which is a company in Finland and responsible for developing the angry birds game. The CEO Peter Vesterbacka spoke at a press conference and stated that the game has passed 300 million downloads mark and now targets one billion downloads.
So, we can say that, there are more birds flying these days on Smartphone’s than in the real world.
For attaining this goal, the company Rovio will expand the product furthermore as the application has become a super hit on iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone’s.
It has been a year since it was released. Now, there are angry bird’s stuff toys, which are selling like hot cakes. Even, the angry bird’s board games are here.
There will be an animated series based on angry birds. There will also be a feature film and some books on angry birds.
The CEO Peter said he believed in angry birds from the start and they have already sold 8 million toys. He says when you have made a big market like angry birds, anything is possible.