Saturday, November 24, 2012

Smart Phones in Pakistan Analysed

With the increase of international use of Smartphones looks like Pakistan is also catching up the trend, but when it comes to Pakistan the question will come can we afford it ?? The answer can b yes "I can" and then there is "no I am ok with feature Phone and I don't know what these smart phone do any ways I am here to make Phone calls and some text here and there". Well this is the average thinking of normal Pakistani people. Lets discuss these two groups of people separately, first and foremost all those people who knows what smart phones and how to use them. These people can also be divided into two further categories, first all those tech savvy guys who want best of the world. They usually go for high end smart phones with higher specifications of some renowned brands like Apple or Samsung and well honestly they can also afford it. Now here come the average smart phone user who have idea what smart phones are and they don't usually for higher specs or brands , they are usually budget conscious people and choose those smart phones who fits into their budgets. These people don't care about brands or companies names what in their mind is price, and well talking about price if look something like three back for average Pakistan people it was impossible to owned a good smart phone but then there come android an open source platform which make things lot more cheap and easy ( thanks to Chinese ). Right now we have choice we can higher end smart phones with higher spec and big company to lower end smart phones of some Chinese company, Its always about choice. Now lets discuss 2nd group of people who are not interested in smart phones or android whatsoever. These people are usually uneducated or really fond of technology or can't afford it. Mobile phone for them is like a simple thing make calls, receive calls, and send text messages. With more passage of time these people will make into the smart phones and but its take some times. At the end Its up to the user to choose which phones he needed. And what category he belongs to. If your going to switch from feature phone to smart phone first of think what is the purpose you need smart phone, if your just going to buy it to receive and make calls then your better with feature phones.


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