Thursday, November 22, 2012

Angry birds review: A game for all ages

Angry birds have completely revolutionized the gaming industry and now, it is as popular as the Mario Brothers in their heyday. It has been launched in full version for the Android systems. The angry birds can be downloaded for no cost at Getjar, which is a third party application store and is switching over to Android.
If you are an addict of angry birds, it’s because it’s a clever game designed by the developers. The reason is unknown. It attracts every age group. The characters are cute and the aims and objectives are simple while the design is elegant.
Drifting away
Previously, multiplayer games such as War Craft and Counter Strike were tremendously popular. These games can also be played online and via LAN connection. But, these games are unreal and fill a void in social interactions. You become an outsider and another silent gamer in the internet gaming arena.
Tetris and Bejeweled are some other games which are puzzlers. Tetris stimulated the brain and was surefire an addictive game in its own right. The sense of unfinished business compels the gamer to go on and on. The most important part is automation by which, you repeat the same actions again and again.
Zynga is surely reaping the benefits of Farmville. Along with that, Cityville is another game which has a huge online community.  Farmville has its own rewarding system and MMO and is a bit similar to Tetris.
Where were we?
The angry birds are therefore another game, which has joined the ranks of prestigious games. It doesn’t need repeated actions and same robotic maneuvering. But, it needs calculation and planning. There are no freaking rewards apart from unlocking new levels and abilities. There is nothing social about it.
So, all in all, angry birds is an addictive and rock solid at best but developed for all ages.
But how big did it become?
Angry Birds revisited
The name of the company is Rovio, which is a company in Finland and responsible for developing the angry birds game. The CEO Peter Vesterbacka spoke at a press conference and stated that the game has passed 300 million downloads mark and now targets one billion downloads.
So, we can say that, there are more birds flying these days on Smartphone’s than in the real world.
For attaining this goal, the company Rovio will expand the product furthermore as the application has become a super hit on iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphone’s.
It has been a year since it was released. Now, there are angry bird’s stuff toys, which are selling like hot cakes. Even, the angry bird’s board games are here.
There will be an animated series based on angry birds. There will also be a feature film and some books on angry birds.
The CEO Peter said he believed in angry birds from the start and they have already sold 8 million toys. He says when you have made a big market like angry birds, anything is possible.


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