Monday, July 8, 2013

Twitter Experience

So yeah I have been on twitter for like 8 months now and all these 8 months it was learning experience for me. Twitter is the place where you mostly talk to your self and pretend that world hear your problem. The best thing about Twitter is its less populated and there are less Facebook wali awam present there so you won't see those usual crappy stuff which you used to see on Facebook. The bad thing is its so huge it's kinda difficult to find the person of your liking, it's like catching a particular fish in a sea,  I hope that come out right and I wana use the L0L here but now I am realising it's a blog I am writing.

Now let's talk about the most annoying people you follow on twitter, for me they are basically divided into many groups.  Yeah the first one are =24 by 7= these people don't have any thing else to do they just tweet all day long. They are like "aey dekho I am going to washroom" and tweet about what they eat. 2nd group are basically I would call "chapamaar"  group they just copy paste stuff from different sites and Facebook and tweet it all day,  they usually have nothing good to say and expressed themselves through copy pasting although some time they do past some good stuff which I usually retweet. Ok the most annoying kind of people on twitter are self proclaimed hasennaye all they do take selfies all day use like million of filters and upload it as a avi on twitter and twitter male maklook just follow them like "maki jasy gur k peachy parh jaty ha"  these chics are usually dumb and post the most annoying stuff which you usually don't understand on twitter,  but any how they are beautiful so as a "boyses"  it's our duty to follow them and if possible offering them our hand in friendship and finally those TRUE good hearted people on twitter which you love to talk to it doesn't matter which group they belong to. Well this is my view about Twitter so far.

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