Sunday, May 2, 2010

Protest in Abbottbad

Identity is the main thing any person have but if some one stole your idenity from you what will you do off course u resist. The same thing happened with the people of Hazara who are living on this land for long time with there own unique identity until when Gov of NWFP mend a consitiution in order to change the name of Province from NWFP to Paktunkwa.
Before discussing farther let me tell you what is actually Paktunkawa mean , the name PakTun kwa is a Pastu word which mean toward paktunoons, if u just look at the name and geography of Hazara from any angle r we towards Pastuns??
From One side of Hazara we have the Mighty river Sindh the otherwise we have Northern mountains and Punjab so from no where we are related to Pastun place so why did they change the name.

So in reaction the brave people of HAzara respond with great courage there was protest in Abbottbad ,Haripur and Mashera. The most accident happened when in one of protest Police directly start firing at the crowed ,in this accident around 12 people has been killed and dozen of other injured.


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