Friday, October 8, 2010

Things I Wish I Could Change!!!

After so long time i thought to write something but my mind get confuse because there are so many things which i wanted to write so this is weekend and i got some spare time to express my self which i can't otherwise express verbally. The first thing i wanted to write is the condition of Pakistan, its look like our country is going through its worst face , corruption is ever where , people are disappointed, and no body cares about common person , its just they are not even exists.
After 2008 election people have many hopes to the elected civial government but its was just like a dream now , its look every official is corrupt and on the top of this is our respected President Zardari. I guess in Pakistan he is the most hatred person after president Musharaf. I wish President Saib should learn from the mistake made by President Muhsaraf and take this nation to farward direction.
The other thing i really wanted to talk about is our Media , first and most i respect independent media and all those people in our country who fought so many years and got severe punishment for freedom of press and electronic media and no body deny the fect that media was also behind in movement for independence of judiciary. Now the thing which is really bothering me is the role of media in current time , if u look at the news channel they are all after breaking news, there standards are going worse, healthy competition is good but it should be remain in certain limits and boundaries.


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